The mining industry coined its own language at times, and different collieries had different words for different things, and Dawdon was no different. This page is to act as a guide to some of the words, mining terminology, and phrases used everyday at Dawdon.


Bait - Food

Bait Stand - Lunch break.

Bank - The surface of the colliery.

Bull Week - The week to produce more so that it built up your holiday bonus.

Cage - Used to transport men down the shafts into the mine

Chow - A piece of chewing tobacco.

Chun - Taken.

DAC - An underground tannoy system used for communication in specific districts and areas.

Deputies and Overmen - Underground officials of the mine responsible for safety underground.

Doss - A place to take a short break underground.

Dot - Overtime.

Early Lowse - To leave your shift early. 

First, Back, and Tubs - The 3 main underground production shifts starting at approximately 4.30am, 10.30am and 10.30pm.

Foss De Away - At the beginning.

Gan a Main - Go out of control.

Gan Besereck - Lose your cool.

Goaf - The unsupported area created by removing the coal behind the hydraulic chocks on a coal face.

Had Thee Pash - Don't be over enthusiastic.

In Bye - Any part of the mine further in from your current position

Mac Sharp - Hurry up.

Mail - Underground train used for transporting miners.

Marra - A workmate.

Moths - men who stood near the lamp carrying Deputies and Overmen.

Onsetter - A person who oversees the loading and unloading of the cage underground. 

Out Bye - Any part of the mine further out from your current position.

Pinch - A small amount of snuff.

Rap on - To control the movements of a cage or haulage system.

Self Rescuer - A personal piece of breathing apparatus, usually carried on the belt which changes poisonous carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide gas. To be used in the case of fire underground.

Set - A rail based haulage system

Shifter - An adjustable spanner.

Six Till Fower, Soon Gans Ower - A phrase commonly used when working a 10 hour weekend overtime shift

Slice or Piece - A sandwich or some other item of bait 

S&S - A weekend of Dot

Tub - A small rail based wagon used for transporting coal underground.

Windy Pick - A pneumatic pick or hammer used for breaking stone underground. Owing to the risk of explosion underground many pneumatic and hydraulic hand held power tools had to be used.