Photo Gallery 3

Dawdon Then and Now

Many thanks to Derek Bowers for donating the "Dawdon then" pictures

Looking towards the North Sea, the Castlereagh & Theresa shafts stand proudly on the cliff tops in front of Nose's Point


The Castlereagh and Theresa shafts, with the fitting shop, electrician's shop and main stores in the foreground


Looking back towards Seaham Harbour, the Dawdon (pit pond) swimming pool can be clearly seen in the foreground


Another view of the Dawdon pit pond, where many a local youngster was taught to swim. It doubled up as an emergency fire fighting reserve for the mine and provided cooling for the main winding engines and hence was always heated. It was a regular venue for swimming and diving competitions.


Looking north along the coast, the houses of Dawdon can be seen in the foreground with The Vane Tempest Colliery clearly visible in the distance. In the far distance sits the City of Sunderland.


In this picture Nose's Point and The Blast Beach can be seen in the background. The Blast beach was regular a dumping point for spoil and industrial waste. It would later be used for the opening scenes in Alien 3


The fitting shop and electrician's shop dominate the foreground in this picture. The washery can be be seen in the background behind the shafts.


Where coal trains once regularly thundered along the coastal rail track, they have been replaced by a few passenger services a day.

Visitors nowadays arriving in the North East on the Grand Central service enjoying the superb coastal views, will have little idea of the industrial heritage that once dominated the area.


Dawdon now. Looking in the direction of what would have been the main entrance to the colliery


A modern business park now stands where the colliery once stood.


Looking back towards the colliery site from Nose's Point


Dawdon "Blast" beach as viewed from Nose's Point. Once a dumping ground for waste from the pit it has recovered remarkably over the years. The blackness of the water when the pit was open meant it was a popular spot for local fishermen as the fish would come in close to the shore at all times. The cleanliness of the water nowadays has made the "Blast" a more popular night time fishing venue of late, tides permitting.


Dawdon colliery as it was looking back from the "Blast" beach and Nose's Point


A much cleaner "Blast" nowadays


Very little remains to identify where the colliery once stood. The two sign posts and the remnants of a fossilised tree once found in the colliery are sited at Nose's Point which now forms part of the Durham Heritage coast, and remain a reminder of what once stood there previosuly