Durham Miners Gala 2015

The 11th July 2015 saw the hosting of the 131st Durham Miners Gala, and following the mechanics reunion in 2014, it gave a number of "Dawdon Lads" the chance to catch up once more for a day out at the "big meeting".

Some pictures from the day can be seen below


The Dawdon Banner flutters gently in the breeze in the Market Square in Durham ready for the march to The Racecourse


Neil Stoessel, Newby McCabe and Keith Binks contemplate a long day ahead.


Neil Stoessel and Newby McCabe getting in the mood for the day


William Shakespeare was known for his command of the English Language and eloquent writing, however a very different language was spoken outside of The Shakespeare on this day.

From left to right - Malcolm "Teasy" Teasdale, Stoes, Stevie Terrance, Freddie Hill, Davey "Hendy" Henderson & Newby McCabe all enjoying a pint together whilst renewing old acquaintances in the summer sunshine.


More merriment outside of The Shakespeare.

Newby, Hendy, Teasy, Stoes, Binksy, and Stevie ensuring that the ale didn't go stale in the pumps.


You can't get better than a Dawdon fitter.

The fitting shop lads touching down in the rugby club.

Deck Bowers, Roly Pounder, Paul Gulliver and Neil Stoessel reminisce about times when they really were "fitter"